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                                                  Managing Trustee’s Message


                      It is not very easy to run a Trust for ten years without hurdles. However, I could face every challenge on my way with the cooperation and wholehearted support of a few people in my life. Initially, for almost seven years there was a dearth of funds for the Trust programmes, as most of my income was diverted towards my publications. Based on the suggestions I had received form my near and dear, I decided to introduce my Trust to some of the influential people and my well wishers and seek donations from them. These were the words written in the note-

“After many years I am requesting for your support, if you also lend your helping hand, I can coordinate my activities more efficiently and also increase the list of donors of the Trust…”

Unfortunately, many people around me failed to see this Trust with the same vision as mine. Despite this, I could manage a few contributions, from my brother Sri K. Koti Reddy sent Rs. 10,000/- and one of my friends, Sri A. Janardan (Mumbai) who had sent Rs.1016/-. The Ramky Group Chairman, Sri A. Ayodhya Rami Reddy appreciated me for my activities and attended the Trust’s Anniversary function, where he donated Rs. 50000/-. Later, he gave me an opportunity to serve in Ramky Foundation, as an In-Charge. With all this, I could recover and come up to this level where I can courageously face any difficulty.

Presently, I am planning to spread the activities of this Trust. To mark this, I wish to proudly say that two of our fashion designing centers have trained and benefited almost 250 poor women. Also, through our scholarship programme, Rs. 1.15 Lacs has been disbursed to 13 poor and meritorious students for the academic year 2009-10. We have been fortunate to receive funding from CAPART, a division of Central Government amounting to Rs. 2.0 Lakhs towards the construction of roof top rain water harvesting structures for 30 households from Pedaparimi village.

I extend my gratitude to my brothers Mr. Venkat Rami Reddy (America) and Satish Reddy (Australia), who have promised to support me in coordination of the Trust programmes. Proudly, two of the students who had received financial help through the Trust towards their education, have also ensured their assistance in time of need. If not for individuals like them, I would never succeed in fulfilling the Trust’s dream.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone who has been supporting me and my Trust in our endeavors.

With best regards,
M.V.Rami Reddy,
Managing Trustee,
MCBRM Trust.