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             Trust has been Pivotal in social progress as well as an important aspect in widening socio economic and education support thorough out, the existence on 23rd May, 1997 with a motive of providing all the available assistance with the available resources in the issues of Children, Women, Farmers, Meritorious Students, Aged and Child labor. Hence the purpose “Solutions to Poverty Eradication through Integrated Education” is succeeded and proved through enormous effort

            Experiencing the variance in the community, makes his and this vision comes in to action of the person behind the scene is Sri M.V.Rami Reddy, Managing Trustee, started this trust on remembrance of his father Sri Muvva China Bapi Reddy, incessantly fighting to support the needy and also trying to bring out actual Truth. Amazingly, He is transferring 40% of his funds to this organization for operative cost to show that “One can do anything if he thinks he can do”